x-dream-distribution is focused on innovative products for the media industry. This requires a solid overview of the product requirements and the needs of our customers. Our goal is to find solutions for all parties, the customers, dealers, systems integrators, resellers and manufacturers. This requires, on the one hand, a team of specialists with an extremely deep knowledge of video standards, software ecosystems, business processes and technical workflows. But on the other hand a sure instinct in managing all parties needs and desires is the key to successful projects.

x-dream-distribution has offices or partners in various European capitals and is positioned multilingual and multicultural. To achieve your project goals is our main objective. This achievement is guaranteed by the team x-dream-distributions. Our core values are honesty, commitment, fairness, competence and reliability.

We see ourselves as a partner for innovative manufacturers of small tools to complex systems and offer them the opportunity to promote their products on the market. We help you build a distribution channel and establish contacts with the relevant partners in the industry. Equally important to us is a fair cooperation with our dealers and system integrators.Jutta Schönhaar - managing director

We are on a mission.

Our mission is, to have the right product for each application. With our portfolio we would be able to cover the broad needs of our partners. Here, our focus is on young, dynamic products that can be adapted flexible to many uses.

The Secret to our success is in sustainability.

x-dream-distribution is a platform for innovative developments. Products that meet the requirements of end-users in a focus and manufacturers are constantly working on the development of the existing. We are constantly working to expand our network internationally and know the market situation.

Social Conscience is a key factor.

A allways changing market, the fast development and requirement of modern technology and high standards of flexibility of the products, shows us the way the industry works. Our focus is on a fair business relationship with both our suppliers and partners on the customer's side.