all stories about our trade shows

At the below links you can find all stories about the trade shows we´ve been participating so far.

2017 and we continue to write our success story. Find us on trade shows around the globe.

2017 IBC, Amsterdam
2017 Broadcast Asia, Singapur
2017 NAB, Las Vegas
2017 CABSAT, Dubai: we did it again. the second year at UAE most important broadcast show.
2017 BVE, London: as in the last year we´ve been at the local UK broadcasting show and we are excited about the positve audiance

2016 was a year full of trade show premieres: 

2016 IBC in Amsterdam: the second time x-dream-distribution was exhibiting at IBC and it was a great success story
2016 NAB in Las Vegas: at the varios booth´s or our vendor partners we´ve meeting with our customers
2016 Cabsat in Dubai: Exhibiting as part of the Bavarian Pavillion was a great expericene
2016 BVE in London: together with our partner company x-dream-media and their vendor partner Signiant we´ve been sharing the booth

2015 first year present at the most important trade show for the broadcasting branch in Europe:

2015 IBC in Amsterdam: we started our bussiness a few month ago. Thank you to our vendor partner how trust in our service and knowledge.