Overview of the product portfolio of x-dream-distribution GmbH

x-dream-distribution represents a range of highly qualified software development company´s exclusivly in EMEA.

Capella Systems LLT. (San Jose, USA)

Cambria Live
 & Cambria Live Studio & Live Broadcast
Cambria Live offers the highest-quality H.264 compression in real time for live streaming applications. H.264/AVC is increasingly used industry-wide to stream high-quality video at high compression rates. Cambria Live ingests uncompressed data from a broadcast camera via SDI or HDMI, compressing it a single time in H.264 with AAC audio to ensure the best video quality.

Cambria File Convert
Today, broadcast professionals are called upon to make their media files available in any number of digital file formats so they can be viewed on multiple devices. Cambria File Convert is a flexible transcoding software solution for converting video between the many high-quality video formats suitable for editing, archiving, and broadcasting. It also optimizes video content for platforms including web streaming, IPTV, and mobile delivery.

Cambria Capture
While traditional tape-based storage options persist for some video production professionals, a file-based workflow provides compact long-term storage, ease of access to footage, and a seamless workflow. Cambria Capture is a software-based solution for converting tape to high-quality intermediate video files. It ingests video directly from SD/HD cameras, tape decks, and real-time video processors with an SDI interface and encodes in the H.264 video format common in all broadcast applications.

Emotion Systems (Berkshire, UK)

eFF is a cost effective software product that analyses, detects and normalises audio loudness violations in file-based media, compliant to a range of standards including EBU R128/ATSC A85/TR-B32. eFF supports MXF, MOV, MPG (PS), LXF, GXF, WAV and AIFF files, and can even do Loudness Compliance on Dolby E encoded files. 

The eNGINE is a flexible, scalable and modular file-based audio server offering a range of options including Loudness compliance, Dolby E Transcode, channel mapping, audio (video) description insertion, and upmix and downmix. eNGINE works with media files including common MXF, MOV, LXF, GXF and WAV formats.

 Flow Works GmbH (Munich, Germany)

Flow Center is a highly integrated, complete workflow and asset management solution. They are specialists in the technical processing of media content (of any type) as well as editorial & management processes of any kind. Flow Center Core is the center piece of our overall system. It incorporates and combines all key modules: database, user-management, user-interfaces, individual workflow-management, transcoding, file-transfers, playout.

Flow Device and Workflow Manager Monitor your devices and workflows transparently with this powerful module. Manage and monitor all connected storage devices, Flow Cores, transcoders, file servers and delivery targets and more with the Flow Center´s integrated device and workflow manager.

Flow Coder - Media Transcoding is a fully featured transcoding engine, capable of crunching the bits from editing systems or user generated content in any format, codec and data rate.

Managing a multi-homed media asset management system is now made easy with the Flow Storage Manager.

Flow Fuel Playout Modules & Interfaces: The core idea of “Fuel” is to be able to extend your Flow Center’s reach by easily adding individual workflows or publishing user interfaces. Publish selected content directly from your core system to playout-modules to share content (and functions) with users , internal or external. This could be a Screening & Approval Room, this could be a Shop, a Web TV station, a Customer Presentation Room, a Press Service or an Upload / Download interface.

New in:
Flow ANT - the Micro Media Asset Management System 
The Ant is a fully featured flow center media asset management system in the smallest form, yet still a highly powerful, cost efficient and productive MAM. Like its big brother the flow center core, it has all the features you need to ingest, archive, manage, transcode and deliver your media and metadata.

MXFserver (Hilversum, the Netherlands)

MXFserver, all your NLE’s in a network

MXFserver is a software only total solution for film, broadcast and post-production. 
It gives editors the freedom to open projects in different editing systems simultaneously.

CHOOSE Avid®, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Final Cut Pro®, EDIUS®, BM Resolve and/or Autodesk*
SECURE PROJECT SHARING direct from ANY certified highend storage
ADVANCED PROJECT & BIN-LOCKING and unique meta data controller
SUPER FAST secure and exclusive virtual file system
MIX, RE-USE OR MIGRATE (existing) NLE's on Mac and PC in SD, HD or U-HD/4K; SAVE on your investments
MEDIA MANAGEMENT SUITE with intelligent Ingest, Project, Rights and Storage management
INTEGRATES ALSO with e.g. ProTools®, axle™, EVS, Adobe® Audition®, After Effects®, Prelude® and others

Woody Technologies (Paris, France)

Woody Ingest Audio enables automatic acquisition of audio files to Avid ISIS/Interplay*.
Whatever the source file format Woody Ingest Audio transcodes and makes it available in Interplay* (*Avid, Interplay, ISIS et iNEWS are property of Avid Technology, all rights reserved.)

Woody Check-In is a solution that specially processses video files coming from ProMedia Carbon* encoding. It automates ingest into your Avid ISIS / Interplay* system.
*ProMedia Carbon is property of Harmonic Inc., all rights reserved. (*Avid, Interplay, ISIS et iNEWS are property of Avid Technology, all rights reserved.")

Woody Ingest is a solution able to support many ingest tasks in a collaborative environment. It can process all types of files through a single and easy to configure tool.
(*Avid, Interplay, ISIS et iNEWS are property of Avid Technology, all rights reserved.)

CodeReporter is an application designed for TV reporters who often work in difficult conditions. This application simplifies and optimizes the transfer of their video sequences to a TV channel’s editorial and production system.

Woody in2it innovative, flexible and efficient ingest solution for reporters. Covers almost all file formats and allows reporters as well as technicians to file, name and index their clips and make them available in your Production Assets Management.

Softvallee (France)

A full, simple and collaborative solution that allows users to coordinate editorial and production teams, manage in-house or external resources and accurately track costsf Avid Technology, all rights reserved