Capella Systems LLT. (San Jose, USA)

Cambria Live & Cambria Live Studio & Live Broadcast
Cambria Live offers the highest-quality H.264 compression in real time for live streaming applications. H.264/AVC is increasingly used industry-wide to stream high-quality video at high compression rates. Cambria Live ingests uncompressed data from a broadcast camera via SDI or HDMI, compressing it a single time in H.264 with AAC audio to ensure the best video quality.

Cambria File Convert
Today, broadcast professionals are called upon to make their media files available in any number of digital file formats so they can be viewed on multiple devices. Cambria File Convert is a flexible transcoding software solution for converting video between the many high-quality video formats suitable for editing, archiving, and broadcasting. It also optimizes video content for platforms including web streaming, IPTV, and mobile delivery.

Cambria Capture
While traditional tape-based storage options persist for some video production professionals, a file-based workflow provides compact long-term storage, ease of access to footage, and a seamless workflow. Cambria Capture is a software-based solution for converting tape to high-quality intermediate video files. It ingests video directly from SD/HD cameras, tape decks, and real-time video processors with an SDI interface and encodes in the H.264 video format common in all broadcast applications.