Woody in2it Indexing and multi format file ingest

Woody in2it
innovative, flexible and efficient ingest solution for reporters.
Covers almost all file formats and allows reporters as well as technicians to file, name and index their clips and make them available in your Production Assets Management


One single tool for all your video formats

Woody in2it enables the reporter to make his video clips available in the TV channel production system, whatever his recording equipment.

- Supports P2 Cards, XDCAM, Canon, GoPro and many more
- Automatically detects cards at insertion
- Virtual cards and single file formats supported
- Stock list of all of the clips present on every device

+ SD Cards, Hard drive, camera or Smartphone: Manage all your sources in the same UI.

Indexing and ingesting easy and fast

- Select, play and name your clips
- Create sub clips
- Add or edit metadata
- Follow the progress of the ingest process
- Run several ingests at the same time

+ Woody in2it analyses each media files and determines if a transcode is required: ingest time is automatically optimized.

Features for better efficiency

- Customisable UI: sorting of the clips and choice of metadata to display
- Partial ingest: to save disk space on your storage
- Processing of metadata of the recording device and possibility to add your own fields
- Ingest of audio only: no video track is created
- Edit while ingest: start working with your clips as soon as they are processed (Summer 2014)

Woody in2it relies on the Woody workflow engine and thus offers advanced interoperability with your Production Asset Management.

- Automatic creation of shotlists
- Dynamic creation of folders to organize your assets
- Integration with Avid Interplay*, CantemoPortal* (Dalet*, Summer 2014)

Highly configurable tool

Indexing and sorting rules make the media management easier

Woody in2it can be configured to to combine comfort for the users and rigor of the processes..

Customize the UI for your users
You can make fields mandatory before ingesting, choose metadata visible and which can be modified.

Configure codecs and target format
Woody in2it rewraps or transcodes, if necessary, your media files to your mezzanine production format
• XDCam HD • DVCPRO HD • Avid DNxHD • DV , for instance.
• SD <> HD conversion • resinzing Pad / Stretch • audio conversion, until 8 tracks suported

Define ingest rules
Stop with confusing file names!
Woody in2it allows you to define naming rules for processed assets, as well as creating folders automatically. Use source metadata from the recording system to create a consistent folder tree.

*Avid, Interplay and ISIS are property of Avid Technology, all rights reserved.
CantemoPortal is property of Cantemo A.B,all rights reserved.
Dalet is property of Dalet all rights reserved.