Woody Code Reporter

CodeReporter all the way from the video reporter to the broadcaster

CodeReporter is an application designed for TV reporters who often work in difficult conditions. This application simplifies and optimizes the transfer of their video sequences to a TV channel’s editorial and production system.

Deliveries are simplified – reception is optimized

  • Encoding and sending of reports with a single operation
  • Video files comply with TV channel workflow formats
  • Notification to recipients is sent in real time while the file is transmitted
  • Processing of metadata and files attached to the video

Code ReporterA single application

  • Encoding and sending presets are defined remotely by the TV channel team.
  • The reporter exports his editing/sequence or imports any video files in CodeReporter.
  • Other files can be attached to (and grouped to a) sending pack.
  • Editorial metadata can be added.
  • CodeReporter performs the encoding in the specified format and sends it.
  • Technical and editorial teams receive notifications by e-mail or text message.


 To optimize the transmission of stories

  • Conformity of formats with the production workflow
  • Picture quality controlled
  • Attached files workable (text, photo, audio…)
  • Automatic update of station settings
  • Focused notifications

Data flow

To simplify the work of the reporter

  • Only few manipulations on a single interface
  • Encoding and sending settings pre-defined and updated
  • Video and attached files in a single transfer
  • Control of the video quality before sending
  • Automatic alerts

Remote configuration of client workstations

The CodeReporter server allows the channel team to modify and update settings for each client station: 

  • encoding presets
  • transmission presets
  • metadata formatting
  • recipients of notification by e-mail or text message

Set up of destinations and encoding presets  
Picture.: Set up of destinations and encoding presets

Picture.: Set up of transfers presets

Get a competitive edge with Woody Ingest

Woody Ingest processes – ingest, transcode… – files, assets and metadata.

Combined with CodeReporter, Woody Ingest is able to perform the following features:

+ Gathering and managing of metadata in any professional environment
+ MAM ingest control
+ Low resolution video display on web and mobile platforms
+ Multicasting (broadcast, web, VOD)
+ Processing of related information (locators, caption data, graphics) and attached files