Throughout our experience, projects and close partnerships with industry experts we form our end-2-end solutions. By end-2-end we mean a complete software based workflow, for example from camera ingest to playout or from upload to end user presentation. Alternatively dedicated solutions are concentrating on part of the business process more extensively. For example ingest, processing, workflow automation, post-production, B2B file contribution, playout, archiving, end user delivery and presentation, …
We show you some use cases in the following. These cases shall allow you to get an idea of what our team of experts is capable of realizing. As in every contact with x-dream.clients, we treat your need individually. We love sitting down with you to understand your current situation, needs and plans for your future ecosystem. We will develop an individual tailored solution together with you. For sure we will make use of our experience as well as strong product and solution portfolio.

The various vendors and their products that are contribution to our solutions are well chosen. The combined product portfolio as well as the widely spread knowledge of the joint teams are the fundament for our end-2-end solutions.

Please follow this links to learn more about our solutions: