x-dream-group presented our solutions for Corporate Content Management, Content Preparation, Content Delivery at Cairo ICT 2019 from 1-4 December 2019 at the Technology K.A.R. Inc. booth 4A3. 

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Corporate Content Management

Dealing with a great number of media in your storage and want to easily manage them all?

We have something for you — a highly integrated, complete workflow and asset management solution. With its flexible user interfaces, and individually built workflows you can easily integrate it with your 3rd party devices. It can be used in marketing agencies, corporate archives, webTVs, and even in online-publishing and sales. You can import, upload and manage your content within your own system or hosted solutions. Enrich or import metadata to your media containers with digital movies, audio files, pictures or any other files. Fully featured search algorithms keep all your content at hand, making it possible to organise it into media lists or projects, focusing on actual content.

Content Preparation

Looking for a solution that will help you to prepare content for Video-on-Demand (VOD)?

We offer a reliable and scalable professional software solution to help you prepare not only your content but also all supporting information. Our VOD asset aggregation and publishing solution covers all steps:

• ingest (video, metadata, pictures, audio, subtitles, user rights, and licenses enhancements),
• publishing on an online portal and delivery platforms to end devices (smart TVs, PCs, mobile phones, tablets, etc.).

Content Delivery

Planning to run your own Video-on-Demand platform?

We can provide you a cost-effective flexible and hardware-agnostic system that allows operators to transcode, package, store and distribute their live or VOD content through the majority of existing platforms to end-devices.
Combined with an easy-to-use back-office (CMS, SMS, API, etc.) and prepared to receive EPG or VOD metadata or connect to third-party systems, it is being built as a complete end-to-end ecosystem to make the life of IPTV/OTT operators much easier. It is deployable in several forms anywhere in the world to help operators of various sizes make the most of their valuable content.

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