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Join x-dream-distribution on March 4, 2020 in Munich at the Open House organized by our reseller partner Teltec - Videocation. We will be presenting the latest development in ingest solutions by Woody Technologies (France), transcoding software by Capella Systems (USA), playout and multiviewer by Libero Systems (Turkey), MAM-in-the-BOX by Flow Works (Germany) along with our own x-dream-Fabrik, a hosted services platform for the media industry. Other companies that will participate in the Open Day are ARRI, AVID, Canon, Editshare, Fujinon, Panasonic, RED, Ross, Sennheiser, SIGMA, Sony, Zeiss and many more.

Please, join us for a demo and we will answer all the questions that may arise.  


Capella Systems (USA) – File & Live Transcoding

Cambria FTC // Cambria Cluster

Already in the 4th generation, Cambria FTC is Capella’s enterprise scalable transcoder, which runs on-premise or in the cloud.
Whether you need to access additional formats (up to 8K), or faster performance (a newly announced hybrid load-balancing feature can divert file processing to cloud servers when an on-site Cambria Cluster reaches maximum capacity), or expanded Dolby® formats support (Dolby-E® & Atmos®, for example), you can have it all in Cambria FTC. As a single standalone license or a farm organization with all advantages like redundancy and load balancing.
If you are looking for more advanced features like comparing a reference video file against new programming and identify the matching segments, allowing you to easily replace parts of the archived video, or import elementary streams and exports them to various ABR formats such as HLS, DASH, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, you can get them using Cambria FTC.
Capella Cambria FTC supports Avid Interplay Services.

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Woody Technologies (France) – Ingest / Social Ingest / Outgest

Let Woody solves your workflow challenges!

  • File-based processing: streamline your ingest workflow with Woody in2iteditions for local and remote ingest to any production environment.
  • Social media: Get on-air what people share in 2 clicks with Woody Social and its new browser extension.
  • Live: Get your SDI, NDI, and web feeds available for editing with Woody Ingest Live.

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Flow Works (Germany) – Media Asset Management

Flow Ant - Micro Media Asset Management

The Ant is a fully-featured Flow Center media asset management system in the smallest form, yet still a highly powerful, cost-efficient and productive MAM. Like its big brother, the Flow Center core, it has all the features you need to ingest, archive, manage, transcode and deliver your media and metadata. It’s an all-in-one scalable hardware and software solution, easy to set up and use.

Flow Ant can be easily connected to a range of VOD targets, e.g. iTunes, Netflix, Maxdome, T-Home, Sky, Amazon and many more.

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Libero Systems – Recording / Playout / Graphics

The main products are multi-channel playout with graphics and streaming, multi-channel ingest solutions, drawing, monitoring and multiviewer systems.

  • Libero Play is a fully redundant playout automation software with integrated graphics for 24/7 transmissions or studio productions. Libero Play Enterprise, released at IBC2019, is provided to customers with features that require virtually no operator intervention.
  • Libero Multiviewer & Monitoring released at IBC 2019. Libero Multiviewer is designed to take multiple video/audio signals and combine them to monitor in real-time. Libero Multiviewer allows you to monitor your PCR and MCR sources(Camera, Playout, Graphic, etc.) remotely or from the web with its own IP output feature. The system can reports to necessary peoples for any Freeze/Black Frame, Min/Max Audio conditions.

Learn more about Libero products.
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x-dream-Fabrik (Germany) - hosted services platform

Developed with strong cooperation with tried-and-trusted partners, x-dream-Fabrik is a pre-integrated, pre-configured and managed Solution as a Service built to address common use cases. It runs in carefully chosen datacenters and public clouds. It is a ready-to-go platform with a clear pricing model for production and post-production, content sales and distribution, as well as archiving. x-dream-Fabrik is offered in two different operational modes: fully automated Chained Processing Workflow and human-operated Media Asset Management with Media Processing.

Fully automated Chained Processing Workflow
  • Chained Process – conditional workflow for transcoding, QC & more
Media Asset Management with media processing Media 
  • Produce – distributed & collaborative post-production
  • Archive – hybrid but integrated asset management
  • File Exchange – bi-directional media exchange
  • Deliver – essence + metadata aggregation & delivery
  • Sales2Business – content presentation & monetization

You can get more information and buy x-dream-Fabrik modules online here