Viktor Tatai - Business Development Manager

Viktor Tatai Sales Business Development Manager 2021At x-dream-distribution, Viktor is responsible for business development and presales support.

He always makes extra effort to understand the whole picture and deliver a solution which not just fulfills the requirements but makes it in a clever way.

Viktor is a creative engineer and an enthusiastic entertainer.


In the last 15 years, he successfully used these skills in the professional field of broadcast sales engineering at companies like Studiotech, Evertz, Chyron, and Imagine Communications.

 After finishing his studies as a media technology engineer at Gödöllö University in Hungary, Viktor started as a studio engineer in local television in Budapest. He also worked in a theater, on live sound installations, and as a radio camera technician on sports events. Later he joined Studiotech where he was responsible for system design and projects like delivering and coordinating the special cameras (underwater, Spider, Railcam, etc.) during the LEN Swimming Europa Championship in 2006. He sold a greenfield television project to Magyar Telekom known as OrigoTV. Later he moved to Germany and worked for Chyron and Imagine Communications as regional sales manager responsible for Eastern Europe. He worked successfully together with customers like YLE, TVP, ProTV, or PopTV. At x-dream distribution, he can use both his technical and his sales knowledge to help to create relevant solutions for our customers.