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New x-dream-group website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website at

Cambria FTC new release v4.8

Capella Systems is pleased to announce the release of Cambria v4.8 official release version of its transcoding software. You can update your version or request a free trial. Please see below for the new features. January 2022

Here we are at the end of the first month of 2022! We are kicking off this year with a laser focus on our goals. We hope to take part in even more in-person events this year and meet with all of you once more. Our vendor partners, Flow Works, Squared Paper and Teamium recently presented many new features in their software, which we would like to highlight to you today.

All you can find online on our YouTube channel and on all our social media. 

Squared Paper new features // Jan 2021

Squared Paper has updated many features of their workflow orchestration software Busby: among them are Busby Resource Groups, new plugin interface for customer GUIs, Improved Form Editing, Busby DR Config Backup Service, Busby Shopping Basket, and others. 

2021 Year in review

A special year is coming to an end. Again, it was different than expected. We have missed the personal contact, but we are grateful that we were able to work together so well this year. November 2021

Time flies! The final month of the year 2021 is already ahead of us. We have had the chance to take part in the one and only offline show since 2019 – CabSat 2021 – and we had to turn our hybrid booth at IBC 2021 into a fully online one on Don't forget to register and secure your free place!

All you can find online on our YouTube channel and on all our social media. 

multiCAM now supports SRT

Our partner multiCAM Systems, a leader in automated video solutions has announced all new multiCAM products support SRT.

SRT protocol is designed for sending high-quality video streams over the internet. It is known for its reliance to high latency. So you can have your multiCAM system at one location and the cameras at a different location, all connected via SRT without any specific codecs or external encoders.

Woody new release version 3.4

Our long-standing ingest partner Woody Technologies recently presented the new release version of their software. IN2IT 3.4 is available for IN2IT access and IN2IT exchange, enabling more than 50 new features including new third-party integrations, redesigned configuration experience, advanced monitoring, and supervision. This new version brings more flexibility to allow system administrators to create advanced ingest and publishing workflows. October 2021

We are happy to present our October 2021 Watch videos about the new Woody Technologies release, our online event in November - "Ingest, transcoding, and QC in the cloud", as well a video about new Teamium features and an updated UI.

Capella FTC - new release version 4.7

We are pleased to announce the official release of Capella Cambria FTC transcoding software version 4.7. The new update is focused on transcoding-in-the-cloud functions. Capella Systems continue developing the Cambria FTC ecosystem around Amazon S3 integrations. New features include support for direct encoding and retrieval from S3 as well as support for S3 pre-signed URL source.

They also expand the possibilities of working with AWS. As of now, you can use Cambria FTC as a SaaS offering, or a hybrid set-up (partially on-premises and partially in AWS), or you can set up a peak offloading to AWS. A Pay As You Go (PAYG) support has been added to a Hosted License method. Among other new important features are support for AV1 codec files and output to HEV1 files.