2019 Broadcast Asia - with new partners in the German Pavillion

Following our success at Broadcast Asia 2018, we decided to bring our innovative products and services to it once again. Join x-dream-distribution GmbH in Singapore from 18-20 June 2019 at Broadcast Asia in the German Pavillion (4F10 - 4F20). 

x-dream-distribution GmbH presents innovative ingest, Social ingest and outgest solutions by Woody Technologies and transcoding, live broadcasting software by Capella Systems, playout and ingest solutions by Libero Systems, microservices toolkit for the broadcast industry by Squared paper and a CDN solution by Modern TV. All the latest features that have been recently presented at NAB2019 will be available to all our visitors at Broadcast Asia in Singapore.

Partner products and news Broadcast Asia 2019

Capella Systems - transcoding and live broadcasting

Cambria FTC // Cambria Cluster

Already in 4th generation, the Cambria FTC and Cambria Cluster are an innovative transcoding product… Most resent standard features:

  • SD / HD / UHD and up to 8K
  • xAVC, ProRes, DNxHD, JPEG2000
  • H.264 & H.265 
  • HDR support 
  • Dolby E & Dolby Vision
  • S3 read & write

Cambria Live // Cambria Broadcast Manager // Live Edit

New release of Cambria Live Series v4.1, a software-based production suite for professional live streaming broadcast production. This all-in-one system handles live switching, production functions, encoding, and distribution.

  • MPEG-DASH and CMAF support for Akamai
  • Failover (backup stream) support for DASH/HLS with Akamai
  • Ad Pre-fetch request to Yospace HLS/DASH targets
  • Software-based cue tone trigger feature
  • Embed splice_event_id from SCTE into Ad Preset

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Libero – playout and ingest

  • Libero Playout is a software-based playout automation system which provides powerful, flexible and user-friendly broadcasting solutions via a client-server architecture.
  • Libero Ingest is a flexible multi-channel ingest, transcoding and encoding software with powerful and user-friendly features.

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ModernTV - IPTV/OTT service

Standalone IPTV / OTT end-to-end solution, allowing operators and content owners of various forms and sizes to take advantage of the purely in-house built original technology, that reliably transcodes, stores and distributes video and audio content to their clients through the wide range of devices. 

Squared Paper - Enterprise Service Bus & microservices toolkit

The Busby Enterprise Service Bus & microservices toolkit is specially designed for the broadcast industry: 

  • monitoring hardware and software systems and applications
  • workflow orchestration from small to large and complex
  • event recording for SLA reporting and later analysis 
  • controlling external devices and services, etc.

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Woody Technologies - ingest and outgest

Woody Technologies offers the smartest ingest solutions for your media processing workflows.

  • Version 3.1 of all Woody software will be released, bringing several major enhancements.
  • New Woody in2it Server, a unique client-server ingest tool for all media formats, with web-based intuitive UX and strong workflow control features, streamlining local and remote ingest workflows.
  • Woody in2it Server, Woody Ingest, Woody Outgest and Woody Social can now be deployed in a scalable architecture containing multiple nodes. This brings two major improvements - redundancy and load balancing – for large Woody deployments.

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