News on IBC 2015

This is the first time x-dream-distribution exibiting on IBC 2015. The company was founded in 2015 and we are very happy to have allready 4 partners with us on our booth this year. At this point we would like to give you an overview what will be exhibiting by our partners.

Capella System

Capella offers an effective software based solution for offline transcoding and live streaming. They offer the supreme quality, the highest performance and most flexible software solutions for offline transcoding and live streaming.

Capella will be showcasing the latest versions of Cambria FTC 3.1 and Cambria Live 3.1 that have many new features and enhancement.

Cambria FTC 3.1 includes a new audio mixer feature, support for JPEG2000 MXF, support for HEVC 4K,single scaling and deinterlacing process handling for optimized transcoding speed as well as enhanced loudness control with a true peak limit setting. Capella will introduce a new video and audio recognition functions such as face recognition, music recognition, color bar detection and extraction of closed caption information while transcoding. This helps users to organize their media files, and allows them to process video based on the results of video and audio recognitions.

Cambria Live V3.1 includes support for running multiple instances on a single machine, support for 60 fps, and support for SCTE35 for YouTube Live. Cambria Live V3.1 also integrates with VJU system for producing linear TV programs over the internet. Cambria live series will also be introducing a new product Cambria Live Broadcast Manager that can manage multiple Cambria Live machines for a full automated live streaming workflow. It includes fail over support, redundancy support, scheduler, and commercial cue tone handlings.

  • Fast turn-around Live to VOD
  • Remote Interview Studio
  • OTT and IPTV Live Streaming
  • Content Localization
  • File-based Transcoding

Flow Works GmbH

Flow Works is continuing to roll out innovative products and features in its growing MAM & Distribution portfolio. Flow is further changing the way MAM systems are thought, built and used:

Flow Ant is a Micro-MAM in a box Complete MAM that comes with hardware. A Plug & Play set-up offering complete media and process handling even for smaller companies or offices. Small, affordable, mobile – changing the way customers can make use of professional asset management systems. Also ideal for companies with locally distributed offices and content.

flow2flow Hook up multiple Flow Systems to operate as a single, distributed MAM (Own Cloud) Interconnect any amount of Flow installations across regions & offices to operate a de-centralized network. Share content. Share workflows. Scale at your own pace. Build up your own, secure Media-Cloud with single nodes working as a media cluster. Use Flow Core or Flow Ant for perfect fit per location.

Flow Cloud Freely scalable MAM Use a cloud instance of a Flow Center to collaborate and distribute content worldwide – even for short periods of time. Use the cloud based Flow Center to operate as media distribution hub with a CDN to deliver unlimited amounts of media to many users in a very short time.

Flow Device & Workflow Management Continuing to integrate more third party devices, the “Device & Workflow Manager” is a powerful tool to enable admins to centrally design, build and steer workflows autonomously – even across machine boundaries. Intuitive drag&drop editor with nodes for media and metadata input, processing and output.

Flow Rooms is an innovative tool to help you show & share content via web or app. Get attention by being individual, personal and instant: Screenings, Approvals, Showrooms, Salesrooms, Marketing – any purpose, any target group. Secure, highly efficient and as easy as e-mail – but a lot cleverer. Open up an entire new dimension in how you use/monetize your content.

  • Micro-MAM in a box
  • flow2flow: Hook up multiple Flow Systems to operate as a single, distributed MAM
  • Flow Cloud: Freely scalable MAM
  • Using Flow Rooms to communicate easyly
  • decentralized networking with Flow Center and Flow ANT


VJU4 is a next-generation video management application for broadcasters and media publishers. It resides in the cloud and offers an all-in-one workflow to manage broadcast media entirely in the web-browser. With VJU4, video assets are conveniently scheduled into linear channels and at the same time made available as on-demand libraries. From the cloud the video is either delivered to satellite- or cable-playout or streamed via CDNs to the web. VJU4 runs in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and leverages the Microsoft Azure Media Services, providing global availability and proven scalability.

Market Drivers
With the broadcasting industry at the brink of transforming into a software business, change will impact the so far prevalent cycles of technology procurement und use. Cloud-based systems are an essential aspect of this transformation on the way towards “next generation TV services”.

The manufacturers of cloud-TV platforms are convinced, that the whole TV value chain can be offered out oft he cloud. Further important market drivers for cloud-based TV services are:

  • the massive increase of the consumption of video
  • the necessitiy to offer multi-screen capabilities to cater for the representation of video throughTV, web and mobile
  • the emergence of new forms of video consumption (anytime – anywhere – any device)
  • the shift towards IP video for broadcasters and cable operators
  • all improvements of the current file-based video workflows as well as the establishment of true end-to-end collaboration across the full production-, playout- and distribution process accelerated time-to-market for the launch of new channels, including the emergence of socalled “pop-up-channels”, highly localized channels and the trends towards an increasingly personalized TV experience
  • the disruption of the incumbent linear TV programming by the rapid proliferation of on-demand video content
  • the availability of global video delivery through web technologies and rapid improvements to overcome video compression and bandwidth bottlenecks
  • the ongoing decline of cloud processing and –storage cost, establishing cloud-based approaches as viable commercial alternatives compared to traditional in-house infrastructure

The VJU Channel as a Service
VJU4 “Channel as a Service” is the offering of VJU4 rendered as a service out of VJU´s own Azure cloud, operated by VJU. Alternatively, VJU4 may be deployed within a customers own Azure account, where it is operated by the customer or by VJU on behalf of the customer.

The VJU service model allows for highest business agility, a very quick go-to-market, an OPEX-only business model, minimized commitment in terms of the licensing term and a transparent provision of variable cloud resources like storage, transcoding or data transfers.

  • Cloud-based Channel as a Service
  • Start new channels within days
  • Low upfront costs
  • Easy to scale

Woody Technologies

Come to see the smart and intuitive solutions of Woody Technologies for ingest and Avid connectivity

New "Media + Metadata" output mode for Woody in2it and Woody Ingest: Configure any H.264, MXF Op1a or Mpeg 2 output with rich metadata for ingest into all MAMs and PAMs 

Woody in2it: Smart ENG index and ingest for P2, XDCAM, Canon, GoPro and much more.
New features in v2.5 : New media structures support : MPROOT, XDROOT, DCIM - Improved HTML5 intuitive interface - Highly efficient conditional transcoding - Deep integration with Avid Interplay

Woody Ingest/Wrapper: Automatic rewrap and transcode
New features in v2.5 : Multi-profiles management - WebServices notifications

Woody Check-in: The link between Harmonic ProMedia Carbon / WFS and Avid® Interplay
Full integration with Harmonic WFS - WebServices control

Woody CodeReporter: The must have for video reporters : A single software to package (transcoding, metadata) and deliver content from the field to the broadcasters.

  • CodeReporter - Optimize the transmission of field reporters’ stories
  • Woody in2it - Ingest the multi format rushes to ISIS/Interplay
  • Woody Check-In - from Carbon to Interplay
  • Woody Ingest Wrapper - Rewrapp / Check in
  • Woody Ingest - Transcode / Rewrapp / Check in
  • Woody Ingest Audio  Woody Ingest Edition DV