IBC 2017 - Happy to meet you again in Amsterdam

x-dream-distribution is exhibiting the third time at IBC this year. We are looking forward to meeting you in lovely Amsterdam.
As in the last two years, we are coming together with our partner companies which are represented by us.

The show takes place from 15.09. to 19.09.2017 at the RAI. Please find us at our stand 3.B39.


We will introduce new products and product enhancements in our portfolio.

News @Capella Systems:

❖ NEW: MXF target enhancements
❖ NEW: Video text recognition enhancements
❖ NEW: Filter enhancements
❖ NEW: Nexguard Forensic Watermarking for Video support
❖ NEW: Scriptable workflow enhancement

News @Flow Works:

❖ NEW integrations
❖ NEW production monitoring
❖ NEW product: MAM on a stick
❖ on-premise or cloud-based or hybrid
❖ MAM in the box
❖ integrated with Capella, MXFServer, Woody

New @NIS (by ilionx):

❖ NEW: Mobility and flexibility: NIS 6 is completely web-based, which makes it possible to work at any location on any device: laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. All your data is safely stored in the cloud. NIS 6 is future proof and can work as a SAAS solution. Besides that, you can easily connect NIS 6 to different applications, in the cloud, as well as on-premise. NIS 6 can be connected to editing software and feeds for incoming media and playout systems. This way NIS seamlessly fits into the workflow process of your newsrooms.
❖ NEW: Social media-connection: A growing majority considers social media as their preferred source of news. NIS 6 has an improved social media integration, which makes it possible to push any news item easily to social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
❖ NEW: Safe storage and control of data: With the integrated multimedia MAM it is possible to ingest multiple types of media including audio, video, photos, PDF’s and metadata. It can be done automatically, or manually. All available data is accessible on any device. NIS 6 allows you to archive material, so you can retrieve your data, adjust it and re-use it.
❖ NEW: Mobile content contribution: NIS 6 is connected to the mobile app SINON. SINON provides mobile journalists (MOJO) the possibility to upload their video’s, text, or photo’s directly into NIS. Video files can be uploaded easily to the MAM through the responsive mobile website.

News @Woody Technologies:

Woody in2it / ingest / outgest (v2.9 or v3)
❖ Aspera, Filecatalyst and Amazon S3 delivery in all Woody apps
❖ JFIF and DNxHR support
❖ New user interface look&feel
❖ Audio tracks mapping

share-IT with Avid Interplay|Production
❖ share-IT for Media Composer version
❖ Adobe Media Encoder integration
❖ Subclips outgest support

Woody Social
❖ Release of the new product
❖ Marketing material, including software logo, in progress

News @x-dream-media:

NEW: SERVUS node Software-only video server SERVUS – (latin “Slave”) is a software-only videoserver that supports a very wide range of IO-Devices as well as IP Stream and File formats as inputs and outputs. It combines the functionality from traditionally distinct products such as Decoder, Recorder, Transcoder, Playout server, Graphics server, Encoder within one engine. Due to its nature, it can be deployed on premise, in a remote data center or at a public cloud. Therefore it addresses traditional as well as most modern business cases.
❖ supports multiple IO-Devices – IP Streams – file formats
❖ Live feed recording, Live stream recording, Multi-cam recording, Tape ingest, Studio playout/play-in, Stream playout, Graphic overlaying, Format conversion, Stream switching

NEW: Carbon Coder PlugIn Demuxing/decoding enhancement for Harmonic’s WFS This PlugIn is designed as a demuxing/decoding enhancement for Harmonic’s (Rhozet) „Carbon Coder”. While Carbon reads many video file formats you’ve certainly faced the situation that Carbon refuses a certain type of formats. This problem is addressed by our importer plugin via a generic demuxing/decoding engine that reads nearly any known professional, semi-professional or consumer video file format. So far there are no files know that it can not make available for transcoding with Carbon.