Webinar - How to streamline your content creation workflows

A webinar focused on how Woody Technologies' partner Automate-IT can help streamline your content creation workflows. Do you search for a solution to get graphics from Adobe easily to Avid? This event is for you!

 Woody Automate IT Webinar

Automate-IT provides automation & collaboration tools for complex graphics workflows that are heavily used by customers such as ABC News, Eurosport, Discovery, Red Bee Media (part of Ericsson), RTL Group, SVT, Orange & DOCK10.

share-IT enables Adobe® creative seats to easily connect with Avid® MediaCentral I Production Management and Media Composer. The engine powered by Woody Technologies offers an unprecedented level of integration, including Alpha Channel support.

The data-driven video generation platform Automate-IT factory enables broadcasters & media services companies to massively generate customized videos. Automate-IT factory is primarily used to create promo versioning fully automatically.


Aurélien Brelle
Co-founder and Global Sales Manager - Woody Technologies

Jean Mc Guirk
Sales Director - Automate-IT

Frédéric Crétet
Head of Operations - Automate-IT