Partner webinars on IPTV/OTT and MAM solutions

We continue our partner webinar series. In April and May 2019, we will be presenting IPTV and OTT solutions as well as production and media asset management. Stay tuned! 


Webinar: ModernTV - a standalone IPTV / OTT end-to-end solution

30.04.2019 at 5 pm CET, 4 pm GMT

Are you looking for a standalone IPTV / OTT end-to-end solution

  • proved by over 500 companies (TELCO, ISPs etc.) around the world
  • using state-of-the-art transcoding into various video streaming profiles suited for a vast range of supported devices including mobile devices, Apple TV, Android TV, and more ...
  • with low hardware requirements and scalable environment and
  • easy administration and user-friendly back office?

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Webinar: Flow Works - MAM // PAM // PMS

14.05.2019 at 5 pm CET, 4 pm GMT

x-dream-distribution presents Flow Works

  • Have a lot of media content from different sources and need to distribute to many recipients in different formats?
  • Want your journalists to preview and access content from all over the world?
  • Want to know why Porsche TV, SAP, France Television chose Flow Works?

If you answered yes to even one of those questions

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Webinar: redGalaxy - full toolbox for hassle-free internet television

28.05.2019 at 5 pm CET, 4 pm GMT

x-dream-distribution presents redGalaxy - software to run an internet television
- Are you looking for a product that is scalable and supports multiple platforms?
- Offers secured content storage?
- Streams seamlessly with unlimited capacity?
- Offers full uninterrupted immersion with a user-friendly video interface?
- Delivers a customized experience to users on every device?

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