New webinar series by Venera Technologies

In August, our software partner Venera Technologies hosts a series of webinars "Venera’s Show & Tell – Summer 2021" about different aspects of quality control, among others automating QC of the caption and subtitle files.

We all know that the presence of Closed Captions/Subtitles with media content is nearly universal and even legally binding in some countries (US & UK) already. While there are plenty of tools for the generation or authoring of caption/subtitle files, the process of verification and correction of these files has remained primarily manual, slow, and resource-intensive.

In the second webinar of our upcoming 30-minute knowledge-packed webinar series- Venera’s Show & Tell – Summer 2021, they will introduce you to CapMate™, the latest native-cloud solution from Venera Technologies, for automated verification and correction of caption files. With CapMate™, the operators now have an intelligent, easy-to-use platform for automating the QC of their caption and subtitle files. With an extensive set of QC and correction capabilities and flexible usage-based pricing, you will find out that CapMate™ is a must-have companion for your caption processing operations.

Venera WEbinar

VenWeb 111: Captioning Life Made Easy – Automated validation and Correction of Caption files
Asia, Australasia, Middle East, Africa: August 4th, 12 noon (IST). Register here
Americas & Europe: August 4th, 10AM (PDT). Register here

In this session the following key capabilities of CapMate will be covered:
1. Handling key issues such as Captions/Audio sync, Burnt-in text overlap, Profanity, Compliance, and timing issues.
2. Auto-correction with manual review/editing using CapMate viewer tool.
3. Immense auto-scaling with the ability to process hundreds of files at the same time.
4. Flexible monthly/annual subscription plans and the industry’s first adhoc pricing.

Register today and discover how you can integrate & deploy the industry’s most advanced Captions QC/Correction system – CapMate™, in your content workflows.

Apart from this, we have two other knowledge packed 30-minute webinars on the following topics:

VenWeb 110: Cloudy Future – QC and media workflow in the cloud
(3rd August: 12 pm IST and 10 am PDT). Register here

VenWeb 112 - Reference Based QC – A Novel Approach to Comparing Media Files
(5th August: 12 pm IST and 10 am PDT). Register here

Please visit Venera’s Show & Tell – Summer 2021 page to get more details about our webinars and register!