Squared Paper new features // Jan 2021

Squared Paper has updated many features of their workflow orchestration software Busby: among them are Busby Resource Groups, new plugin interface for customer GUIs, Improved Form Editing, Busby DR Config Backup Service, Busby Shopping Basket, and others. 

Busby Resource Groups

  • Easily configure relational databases for use in a Busby system
  • Built-in UI and API for easy scripting and administration
  • Web-based graphical editor creates tables and links, making it easy to add and edit data

New Plugin Interface for customer GUIs

  • Node.js npm package for creating Busby UIs
  • Connect to any/all services in Busby and display data in a custom UI
  • Supports ReactJS and Redux
  • Supports Busby permissions
  • Comes with boiler-plate example code

Improved Form Editing

The Form Editing has been improved with the addition of a timecode entry field and the ability to look up and select items within the MAM system. You can also create and edit forms in configuration tool or look up a form to find the schema you need.

Busby DR Config Backup Service

  • Subscription service to backup configuration daily to Squared Paper’s secure cloud location
  • Squared Paper can provide a recovery file for all system configurations in a DR situation where a configuration has been lost, minimising business impact

Busby Shopping Basket

The Shopping Basket Service allows users to add any items to a basket and then check them out for use in a workflow. Baskets can be saved for later editing and shared with other users or groups.

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