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The redGalaxy CDN service (content delivery network) allows for the delivery of files and multimedia content to a large number of telecommunications networks subscribers. The service is delivered by clusters of distribution servers located in major domestic and foreign Internet exchange points (PLIX, TPIX, Thinx, KIX, and EPIX). Currently, the redGalaxy CDN infrastructure consists of over 200 nodes, and its maximum daily load is 400 Gbit/s, making it the largest network of this kind in Poland.

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redGalaxy CDN

Globally distributed public and private content delivery network.

redGalaxy Coder
GPU accelerated H.264 and H.265/AAC file transcoder.

redGalaxy Storage
Secure and efficient distributed content archive.

redGalaxy Streamer
GPU accelerated H.264 and H.265/AAC live stream transcoder.

redGalaxy Player
Flash and Silverlight content player, smartphone app, smart TV app with DRM and adinsertion support.