redGalaxy CDN

What is redGalaxy CDN?

The redGalaxy CDN service (content delivery network) allows for the delivery of files and multimedia content to a large number of telecommunications networks subscribers. The service is delivered by clusters of distribution servers located in major domestic and foreign Internet exchange points (PLIX, TPIX, Thinx, KIX, and EPIX). Currently, the redGalaxy CDN infrastructure consists of over 200 nodes, and its maximum daily load is 400 Gbit/s, making it the largest network of this kind in Poland.

Individual servers use our proprietary DCS software (Distrubuted Caching System), which has been in development since 2006. Its role is to deliver data ensuring automatic selection of the best server (in terms of proximity and load) for each service user. redGalaxy CDN nodes communicate with local routers using BGP, so they always receive up-to-date information on network topology.

redGalaxy CDN supports a wide range of protocols and multimedia formats, allowing us to handle a variety of end devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, and TVs for both VOD content and live streams.

redGalaxy Diagram

Features and functions:

  • Support for HTTP and RTSP - for download, progressive streaming and streaming.
  • Full compatibility with Adobe Flash, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming.
  • Support for adaptive streaming.
  • Image scaling and cropping.
  • Support for mobile devices running Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.
  • Support for connected TV platforms.
  • Support for timeshift functionality (network PVR).
  • Support for automatic content archiving in redGalaxy Storage.
  • Support for Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine digital rights management systems.
  • Support for territorial restrictions for video transmission.

redGalaxy Portal – demo portal mock-ups

redGalaxy DemoPortal MockUp