redGalaxy Coder

What is redGalaxy Coder?

The redGalaxy Coder service is a distributed computing cloud, currently consisting of more than 64 CPU (3 GHz) cores and GPU units, designed for efficient VoD transcoding from multiple source formats into specific online distribution formats. The system also uses the H.264 codec and the x264 library, which is one of its most efficient implementations.

redGalaxy Coder also secures transcoded content using the most common content security mechanisms such as PlayReady DRM and AES-128 symmetric key encryption, as specified by HTTP Live Streaming.

The progress of transcoding tasks can be ordered and viewed via a web interface or automatic interfaces (webservice). The system supports a number of predefined HD and SD encoding profiles.

Features and functions

  • Full compatibility with Adobe Flash technology and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.
  • Support for encoding profiles for mobile devices and connected TV connected TV platforms.
  • High quality images: using the H.264 codec and resolution up to Full HD.
  • Support for Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine digital rights management systems.
  • Support for AES-128-CTR encryption.
  • Access via a web console or API.

redGalaxy Coder
Architecture: AV processing chain defined as a graph structure. Each graph node represents a simple AV transform (i.e. video decoder, video encoder, scaler, etc.)