redGalaxy Player

What is redGalaxy Player?

redGalaxy Player is a multimedia content player for VOD & live, which may be embedded in websites. It is compatible with the two most popular technologies: Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

redGalaxy Player supports basic functionalities (playback control and full screen mode) and playback of advertising content from VAST-compliant adservers. It supports the following forms of advertising: preroll, midroll, postroll, and overlayer. Playing of video content and advertising may be reported to the gemiusStream system.

The player skins can be easily modified with user-defined textures.

Features and functions

  • Compatibility with Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight technologies.
  • Support of advertising formats: preroll, midroll, postroll, overlayer.
  • Compliance with the VAST standard.
  • Integration with the gemiusStream system.
  • Modifications of player skins with textures.
  • Support of timeshift mode.
  • Support for playlists.