redGalaxy Storage

What is redGalaxy Storage?

The redGalaxy Storage service is designed for secure storage of large quantities of digital data. The system is built on an object-based file system using our proprietary software Objects which have been in development since 2003.

To store data, redGalaxy Storage uses hard drives of multiple separate servers connected in a high-bandwidth computer network. The Objects software ensures these hard drives are combined into a single unified file system, whose distributed structure is hidden from the user.

The Objects software balances the load of each server within the cluster and prepares multiple copies of the stored files in order to minimize the risk of data loss. Archived data is stored in multiple nodes.

Features and functions

  • Secure storage of digital data in multiple replicated remote system nodes.
  • Cyclic stored data verification based on checksums.
  • Support of attributes: key-value metadata associated with files stored in the archive.
  • Direct integration with the redGalaxy CDN- collected data can be shared via the redGalaxy CDN.
  • Easy integration with existing data sources using the HTTP/REST interface or the FUSE module.