redGalaxy Streamer

What is redGalaxy Streamer?

The redGalaxy Streamer is an efficient live stream transcoder configured to work with the redGalaxy CDNcontent distribution system.

redGalaxy Streamer is our proprietary software, which has been in development since 2006. This tool uses the x264 library, which is one of the best ones available H.264 encoders. We are now developing two versions of the software simultaneously:

redGalaxy Streamer 1.0 which is designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system, has a graphical user interface and supports capture cards supporting DirectShow.

redGalaxy Streamer 2.0 which runs on Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux and has a text user interface. The source input can be IP streams or analog links and SDI connectors via capture devices manufactured by Blackmagic Design. The application is delivered with a set of configurable filters which allow for inserting a logo, scaling, and "cropping" the image.

redGalaxy Streamer emits an encoded video signal through the redGalaxy CDN content distribution system. The content can also be encrypted.

Features and functions

  • Full compatibility with Adobe Flash technology and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.
  • Support for encoding profiles for mobile devices and connected TV platforms.
  • Highest quality - H.264 codec and resolutions up to Full HD.
  • Support for Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine digital rights management systems.
  • Support for AES-128-CTR encryption.
  • Support for adaptive bitrate encoding.
  • Support for image filters: cropping, logo insertion.
  • Support for input streams in the MPEG2-TS over IP format.
  • Compatibility with Blackmagic Design capture cards.
  • Compatibility with the GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.